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Our neighborhood - Agroturystyka Mirabelkowe zacisze

Mirabelkowe Zacisze is located in the village of Zbrosza Duża, which used to be a noble village called Zbrosza Wielka.
The Roman Catholic Church of St. John, the Baptist in Zbrosza Duża, has an exciting history. In 1957, the residents of Zbrosza duża and the parish priest, Father Władysław Wojewoda, decided to build a chapel and collect funds. Unfortunately, the purchased wood was confiscated by the Citizens’ Militia. Thus began the persecution of farmers involved in the construction of the temple. The authorities paid particular attention to the vicar of Jasienice, Czesław Sadłowski, who arranged a catechetical room and a chapel in a rented outbuilding. The Warsaw Metropolitan Curia authorized the Holy Mass, and on March 10, 1969, the priest celebrated the first Mass in Zbrosza duża. Two days later, the communist construction administration carried out an inspection, prohibiting the use of the chapel and obliging the militia to enforce the ban. The parishioners ignored this and continued to gather for mass. The priest was persecuted and harassed. On May 16, 1969, Bishop Jerzy Modzelewski issued a decree allowing pastoral services in the chapel. On May 24, 1969, the Primate of Poland, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, consecrated the chapel of St. John the Baptist. On July 4, 1969, the militia and security forces closed the chapel, imprisoned the Blessed Sacrament, and destroyed the property, and the court sentenced the priest to prison. In 1972, the communist authorities authorized the construction of the temple and the collection of funds by the parishioners, the archdiocese, and the Polish community: the architect Prof. Stanisław Marzyński and the constructor, Eng. Piotr Chomczyk designed the church. The church was consecrated on August 17, 1974, by the Primate of the Millennium, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, and bishop Jerzy Modzelewski. In the belfry, there are bells with the names: “John Paul,” “John Baptist,” and “Mary.”

Warka (25km or 23min by car from Zbrosza Duża)

Museum of Casimir Pulaski, ul. Kazimierza Pułaskiego 24, call +48 667 20 20, https://www.muzeumpulaski.pl
The palace was erected around 1689. Currently, it hosts a museum where you can admire the decor of a wealthy noble house from the times of Stanisław August Poniatowski, among others. There is also a weapons exhibition and a collection of porcelain from well-known factories and Kontush belts. It is one of the fascinating places in Warka (see more). Around the palace is a natural landscape park in Winiary, founded in the 18th century, an area of 15.81 ha. with the monument of General Kazimierz Pułaski, the obelisk, the arcade, a Marian shrine, and the educational and natural paths in the Pilica valley.

At Stefan Czarniecki Square, you will see the town hall, the statue of Stefan Czarniecki, the Volunteer Fire Department with the figure of St. Florian, and a horse-drawn water pipe.

A manor house: Museum Ziemi Wareckiej, ul. Długa 3

A monument to Piotr Wysocki ul. Długa 5
A commemorative plaque ul. Wójtowska 24

A monument to the Polish Airmen ul. Polna 28

Warecka “Anchor” ul. Gośniewska

A monument to the 1st Fighter Aviation Regiment “Warsaw” ul. Obwodowa 2

Church of St. Nicholas Bishop ul. Farna 10

Studnia Dziekanka [a “magical” well] ul. Mostowa 12 (at the foot of the Church of St. Nicholas)

Church of Our Lady of the Scapular ul. Franciszkańska 22

Town Market in Warka ul. Nowy Zjazd 12, open: Wed. and Sat. from 06:00 to 12:00

A brewery in Warka (a sightseeing option available) ul. Gośniewska 65, call +48 666 14 86,

An interesting fact:
When he was lying with a fever from a severe illness, Pope Clement VIII whispered: Piva di Warka [Beer from Warka!]! The cardinals thought it was a Polish saint to whom the clergyman had a special devotion. They added it to the recited litany: Santa Piva, ora pro eo, which means Saint Piva, pray for us. Hearing these words, the sick man burst out laughing, which saved his life, because the ulcer in his throat burst, and he quickly recovered.

A swimming pool ul. Warszawska 45, call: +48 667 24 74 https://cesirwarka.pl/basen/

Café Galeria Rynek pl. Stefana Czarnieckiego 10, call: 48 533 537 813 https://kawiarenkarynek.pl/


Białobrzegi is a town located by the Pilica River (from Zbrosza Duża 18km or 14min by car)

Rynek Pl. Zygmunta Starego 9

The Town Office, Jeremi Przybora’s bench, and white geese are in this town square. Białobrzegi white geese consist of a male with spread wings and a female leading three goslings to the water. The goose family symbolizes different generations of inhabitants of Białobrzegi, still called gooseherds. The white goose comes from the legend that a ruler, driving towards the city, saw white geese grazing on the Pilica meadows, which from a distance, gave the impression of white banks by the Pilica River.

Holy Trinity Church ul. Krakowska 25

Lody białybrzeskie [ice cream] ul. Krakowska 6 https://lodybialobrzeskie.pl/

Beach in Białobrzegi

Bathing and kayaking in Białobrzegi and Warka will be fantastic on warm days.

Grójec (from Zbrosza Duża 17km or 15min by car)

With its 500 years of fruit-growing traditions dating back to the Polish Queen Bona Sforza d’Aragona, the Grójec district remains “the largest orchard in Europe.” The apples from Grójec owe their unique qualities to this region’s unique soil and climate conditions.

A mural on the wall of the “Panorama Grójca” building. Entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

Wolności Square, pl. Wolności 10.
In the Town Hall, a monument dedicated to the fallen heroes, a bronze cast depicting an apple

Former tsar’s barracks ul. Armii Krajowej 34

Church of st. Nicholas Bishop with a wooden belfry from 1889. ul. Worowska 1

A monument to Father Piotr Skarga

Church of the Divine Mercy ul. Jana Pawła II 24

The Józef Piłsudski park (ul. Piłsudskiego) with a monument of Józef Piłsudski, a game park, and a commemorative stone dedicated to Ludwik Michalski.

Grójec Cultural Center https://gokgrojec.pl/

Indoor Swimming Pool “Wodnik” ul. Drogowców 12, http://www.gosmazowsze.pl/

Patisserie Łomża ul. Kościelna 2, call +48 664 28 60

Cukiernia Klepacz Aleksander [Confectionery] al. Niepodległości 16A


(from Zbrosza Duża 8.5km or 9min by car)

Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit in Jasieniec ul. Warecka 37

Ponds in Jasieniec


(from Zbrosza Duża 7km or 9min by car)

Church of the Transfiguration, Boglewice 57

Boglewice Palace 6, http://palacboglewice.pl/

A palace built in 1860, in the Neo-Renaissance style, by the architect Zygmunt Gorgolewski for the Berson family.

A Modernist mausoleum of the Berson family

A Palace in Wola Boglewska (from Zbrosza Duża 9 km or 10 min by car)
Constructed at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries according to the design of Apoloniusz Paweł Nieniewski for the Kępalski family.

Obelisk in Ryszki

Insurgents from 1863 Mound in Rytomoczydła

Church in Nowa Wieś, Parish of St. Izydor Oracz

Lechanice Stable with horse riding lessons (from Zbrosza Duża 15km or 20min by car)
Lechanice 48, 05-660 Warka, call +48 531 493 745

Alpaki wśród sadów [Alpacas Among Orchards]/Zofiówka (24km or 24min from Zbrosza Duża)
Zofiówka 23, call +48 601 705 518

The Castle of the Mazovian Dukes in Czersk (from Zbrosza Duża 39km or 42min by car) pl. Tysiąclecia 1, https://zamekczersk.pl

Combat open-air ethnographic museum of the 1st Polish Army in Mniszew
(from Zbrosza Duża 38km or 39min by car) Mniszew 4a

Studzianki Pancerne (36km or 40min from Zbrosza Duża by car)
Studzianki Pancerne 26-903

Private Museum of Orchard Machines in Grażyna
(from Zbrosza Duża 32km or 32min by car) Grażyna 36A
Private Museum of Military Technology in Stromiec

(from Zbrosza Duża 27km or 27min by car) Podlesie Duże 99, Tel. 500 117 098
AJW Promna Shooting Range (from Zbrosza Duża 9 km or 12 min by car) Górna, 26-803, call +48 691 366 474

Winnica Mazovia (from Zbrosza Duża 10 km or 11 min by car)
Biejkowska Wola 23, 26-803 Promna
https://winnicamazovia.pl, call. 609691225

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Consolation in Stara Błotnica
(from Zbrosza Duża 33 km or 24 min by car)
Stara Błotnica 40, 26-806, http://www.blotnica.paulini.pl/

Sanctuary of Our Lady in Lewiczyn (from Zbrosza Duża 12 km or 12 min by car) Lewiczyn 1, 05-622 Belsk Duży


Suntago– Europe’s largest water park with 18 swimming pools, over 30 slides, 12 saunas, and a water playground for children (from Zbrosza Duża 50 km or 45 min by car) ul. Nowy Świat 1, 96-300 Wręcza

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