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Agritourism farm „Mirabelkowe Zacisze”

The agrotourism farm “Mirabelkowe Zacisze” in the Zbrosza Duże village is a retreat in the Mazovian Lowland, near the Pilica River, 15 km from Grójec, Białobrzeg or Warka, and about 70 km from Warsaw. Our farm is surrounded by apple, cherry, and pear orchards. Naturally, there is also our excellent Mirabelle plum: a slightly forgotten delicacy that seems to make a comeback with its sweet and sour taste, perfect for juices, fruit drinks, jam, baked goods, or as an addition to meat.



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An agritourism farm in Mazovia Province of Poland

Are you looking for a place for a quiet holiday away from the hustle and bustle of a big city? Are you dreaming of a destination close enough that you don’t have to spend half the weekend on the road? Choose agritourism in Grójec! While our lovely agritourism farm is near Warsaw, our guests are customers from all over Poland! 

We love to share with you and your loved ones the beauty of the surrounding nature and the delicious dishes made from local ingredients. Our open-air SPA helps everyone feel rejuvenated!

Is it worth visiting an agritourism farm near Warsaw? 

See for yourself! Visit us alone, with a loved one, or with the entire family. In our agritourism farm, we also organize corporate and special events. “Mirabelkowe Zacisze” is a place to organize orientation parties, work retreats, and celebrate significant events because we have everything you might need: a beautiful reception space decorated thematically, comfortable rooms, and tasty food. You will get to taste the Mirabelle plum cake, a grand culmination of the dinner composed of grilled and slow-cooked meats or smoked meats from our smokehouse; bacon, ham, sausage, or smoked fish. The idyllic surroundings are conducive to celebrating meals and year-round relaxation. You will surely enjoy our employees’ permeating tranquility and friendly atmosphere. Our agritourism farm near Warsaw is the place for you! 

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